Blogging ‘n Black Coffee…

I’ve been planning to put up a blog for a long time now but I was so busy with my work then, so I put everything on hold. Then came the day when I found myself with plenty of  time to spare after doing my chores, attending to my son, and digging up dirt in my small garden. So I decided to  create this blog site to inspire moms like me to take good care of themselves and feel proud of who they are.

There are times in our lives when we feel insecure and unhappy, and we have low self-esteem. We are not happy with how our body turned out after we gave birth because of the sagging skin, the stretch marks, and the cellulite. The frustration when you cannot squeeze yourself into your old clothes or not being able to wear body-hugging outfit to parties because of the unsightly bulges? Girl, I’ve been there! Though I am not yet at the peak of health nor the confident, stylish mom that I dream to be – I know I’m getting there!

So, would you like to take on a journey with me towards a healthy and happy life? Then, grab a mug of hot, black coffee and start reading! Why black coffee? So you can get a dose of anti-oxidants and other health benefits as you read!