5 Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts for Pre-Schoolers


As I was reviewing my 5-year-old son today for his reading test tomorrow, I remember that Valentine’s Day is just a week away. I wonder what should we be doing for that day? Hmmmm… How about some Valentine’s Day crafts? It would be the first time that I and my son will be doing something that creative! So I did some research online and I found these 5 DIY ideas easier to start with.  I’ll share them with you so you can try doing them with your kids too!

Valentine’s Hearts

All you need are three materials to create this Valentine’s Day craft: bleeding art tissue paper, white cardstock/watercolor paper, and colored oil pastels or crayons.


/ Craft Whack

Melted Crayon Dot Heart

This is one artistic way of using those broken crayons that you have collected. With the help of a griddle, let your pre-schooler create a masterpiece using melted crayons.


/ Meaningful Mama

Textured Yarn Heart

One of the easiest crafts for Valentine’s Day, you just cut a large heart using a scrapbook paper or construction paper, squirt it all over with glue, and have your kid fill it with yarn in various colors.


/ Hands on as We Grow

Heart Potato Stamp

To create this craft, you will need a potato that will fit just right in your kid’s palm, slice it in half and etched a heart design using a knife.

potato stamp

/ Noe Place Like Home

Valentine’s Day Lunch

Try this simple food art with your kid using cookie cutters and food picks.


/ Red Ted Art

I am thinking to start my son on the Melted Crayon Dot Heart or the Heart Potato Stamp craft. They would be a great way to spend his excess energy on. I can imagine him stamping away to his heart’s delight on those papers. I won’t be surprised if he will stamp hearts on the back of his hands too. Whatever “masterpiece” he would create that day, I am certain that he will enjoy the activity immensely!

If you ever try anything on this list of Valentine’s Day crafts, please share it with us!


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